Q: When can I start class?

A: You can sign up anytime and new classes begin every Monday.

Q: Is there a required amount of hours that I must attend class?

A: No. It is recommended that you come to class as much as possible, but there is no hours requirement.

Q: Are classes taught in English?

A: Yes, classes are taught in English. We also have translating available for: Vietnamese and Spanish.

Q: What games are included in the California Games Course or the Poker Games Course?

A: Our California Games Course includes L.A. Style Blackjack, E-Z Baccrat, Pai-Gow Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em & Three Card Poker/Six Card Poker. Our Poker Games Course includes Limit & No Limit Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud, Omaha Hi/Lo & Big O. Please visit our “ABOUT PAGE” for more info:

Q: How long does casino dealer training take?

A: In general, our Poker Games Course can be completed in a shorter time frame than our California Games Course, as it includes less games. We offer different training courses ranging from 4-16 weeks. Depending on your attendance and learning capacity, you may be able to complete either course in a shorter amount of time. We also offer training for individual games and refresher courses for experienced casino dealers, which may be completed in less time than the regular courses.

Q: Will I be taught with others who are at my level?

A: Yes. You will be taught in a group that is at your knowledge level and you will be integrated according to your learning capacity. We have trainees who are at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level in their training.

Q: Does Millennium offer payment plans?

A: Yes. Millennium does offer in-house payment plans.

Q: Does Millennium offer ‘casino dealer certification’?

A: Yes, Millennium offers casino dealer certification for all available courses.

Q: Do I have to be ‘certified’ by a casino dealer school to work in L.A.?

A: The requirements will vary depending on casino. Some casinos in the L.A. area do not require certification.

Q: Is it possible to get hired in the L.A. Casino Industry without previous dealing experience?

A: Yes. The majority of our trainees have been hired at L.A. casinos without any previous casino dealing experience.

Q: Will I be able to work as a casino dealer in L.A. if I have ‘bad credit’ or a ‘criminal record’?

A: Your credit score does not effect your employment eligibility in L.A. casinos. Casinos will require a ‘criminal background check’. Generally, badges of security clearance are not issued to individuals who have ‘felonies’ on their record. It is best to confirm all of your employment eligibility questions with the casino(s) you would like to work at.

Q: Does Millennium offer job placement assistance?

A: Yes. Millennium is in constant contact with L.A. Casino Human Resources Departments and is up to the minute on current casino job openings / casino dealer job auditions. Millennium is able to forward qualified trainees to casino dealer job auditions. Job auditions are included in our pricing and are based on the dealing performance of the trainee.


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